Redmond is a community blessed and enriched by the energy and ideas of the many people who love their city.

We enjoy comfortable, inviting public spaces that bring us together. We work to keep our kids safe as they walk to and attend classes at our schools. We help people who are in need. And, we want a city government that will live up to these ideals and always be straight with us.

I learned these things by listening to the thousands of people I met when running for Mayor in 2015; and again in 2017 when I was elected to city council. Working with others as a Redmond City Council member to find and enact solutions to improve the lives of over 70,000 people has only deepened my commitment to make city government more open, more responsive and increasingly capable of meeting the needs of our community.

While my fellow mayoral candidates also share a passion for a better Redmond, what sets me apart is my proven ability to listen, lead, assess and get results. If you want the details, view my resume.

Redmond is a great place to live, and to keep it that way we must be honest about the serious challenges ahead in managing growth, the budget, and the environment while preserving and enhancing the qualities that make Redmond such an enticing and satisfying community.

In running for Mayor of Redmond I bring strong, effective leadership; a clear understanding of the complex work to be done; the breadth and depth of experience needed to overcome the obstacles ahead; and the willingness to listen to the people who matter the most – you, the residents of this wonderful city.

Let’s make our vision an everyday reality!


Steve Fields