Elect Steve Fields for Mayor

People first

Steve Fields stands up for all people!  His passion and integrity bring us together; his experience and commitment will lead Redmond forward to a future that we want and choose.



Committed To a better Redmond

I am committed to a more accountable, transparent city government that is focused on you. Make sure that your tax money is invested in effective programs and services that benefit the overall public good of Redmond. I will make it easier and more meaningful for people to have a say in city decisions. You have the right to know what we do and why we do it.

Communities require solutions

Our strength is our diversity, however, that only becomes true when we truly understand and address the issues that people face every day. One-size-fits-all solutions will not make problems go away. Endless traffic congestion, the skyrocketing cost of living, delayed city improvements, and imbalanced ecosystem are complex problems that need comprehensive tools to solve them. We need to become more creative with our decision-making models and include more local and industry experts.

Envision the future with people in mind

One of my most important responsibilities as Mayor will be to work with Council to envision and prepare our city for the future. Change will continue. Light Rail, new technologies, climate impacts, and continued development are a certainty. We need to look honestly and fearlessly at the things that are shaping our future. We must value the diverse culture, knowledge, and talent in Redmond. Then take action to provide, protect and enhance what is important to the lives of people.